Campfire fun with Kaylee

This summer join Kaylee, Nanny and Uncle Fred around the campfire to discover what spider hot dogs are!

Excerpt from chapter 12:
Kaylee and Nanny spent the entire morning exploring in the gardens. Kaylee was shocked at all the things Mommy and Daddy missed! After lunch Kaylee and Nanny went over to Uncle Fred’s farm to explore. Kaylee couldn’t believe all the things there were to see and do. Before she knew it, it was time for dinner. Kaylee remembered Ms. Maya saying they used to have campfires at her house or in the back of Uncle Fred’s farm. “Oh, Nanny and Uncle Fred, can we please have a campfire tonight? It would be so much fun! Maybe Mommy and Daddy will relax and join us too!” Nanny and Uncle Fred thought it would be a wonderful idea. Uncle Fred said he’d bring the wood if Kaylee and Nanny brought the marshmallows and the spider hot dogs. On the way back home, Kaylee asked, “Nanny, what are spider hot dogs?”

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