A snippet from chapter 8

Nanny lit a big candle that smelled of pine trees and placed it in the middle of their circle so they could pretend it was a campfire. They sang some campfire songs and told campfire stories. Soon it was time for prayers. Nanny started a popcorn prayer, and each of the boys had a turn adding to the prayer.

When they were ready for bed, they moved some chairs and blankets around so they could make a big tent to sleep under. Soon they were fast asleep.

Well into the night, Timothy woke up with a start.

“What was that noise?” he asked Melissa.

He lay very still and held his breath, straining to hear.

Clip-clip … clip-clip, grrrr.

There it was again. Timothy reached out for Melissa. The little puppy was already sitting up. She licked his hand to reassure him.

Twang, grrrr … clip-clip, clip-clip, twang, grrrr.

Then there was a burst of barking mixed with twanging.

All three boys shot up, eyes wide open, and shivered in their little tent. Suddenly they heard a loud crack and boom, and saw a flash of light. As lightning lit up the room, the boys saw Angus and Teddy attacking something in the corner.

Melissa gave a soft grrrr and then a little bark as she looked in the direction of Nanny’s bedroom. There was another crack and boom, and then another flash of light. This time, they noticed a dark shadow standing and laughing in the middle of the room.

The boys screamed.

Twang, grrrr … clip-clip, clip-clip, twang, grrrr.

Suddenly the lights turned on.chapter 8

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