A snippet from chapter 15

Timothy, Reid, and Claire sighed deeply. The little group of friends was lost in deep thoughts. Melissa looked up at Timothy and put her head on his lap. She nudged his arm and licked his hand. Timothy absentmindedly stroked the little puppy’s head.

Teddy and Angus were playing with a new toy that Maria and Sara had made for them. It was attached to a long piece of elastic and was hanging from one of the branches on the big old oak tree.

“Grrrr, woof-woof,” Teddy growled and barked at the toy as he bounced up and fell down, rolling backward.

Then it was Angus’s turn, and he bounced up. “Grrrr, woof-woof.” He growled at the toy too.

Suddenly Teddy bounced really high and grabbed it. His face lit up with joy! Angus’s face lit up too, and he barked excitedly, “Woof! Woof-woof!”

As soon as Teddy’s feet hit the ground, he took off running. But as soon as he came to the end of the elastic, it sprang, and Teddy came flying back, right into a shocked Angus. The toy flew out of Teddy’s mouth and bounced happily up and down from the tree branch while Teddy and Angus tumbled over each other. The wrestling match was on!

Timothy and his friends laughed at the little puppies. “Silly boys!” Timothy shook his head. “My daddy and Nanny used to share stories of a doggy that used to do that too. His name was Spikey Doodles, I think … or was it Spikey and Daddy nicknamed him Spikey Doodles?” said Timothy with a little smile and a deep sigh.chapter 15 picture

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