6 weeks of Festivities or Panic?

I must confess, I love Christmas! I love everything about it. The decorations, spending time with family, doing Advent activities, and family meals. One of my favorite memories is dancing around the house decorating with my son while we sang Christmas carols.

For years we made all the gifts and cards for family and loved ones. My son and I would spend hours carefully deciding what cards and gifts were perfect for each person, then we would hand deliver them where possible.

I didn’t want the stress and chaos to ruin the Christmas spirit. So we would start making our gifts early so that we could spend more time relaxing and doing Advent activities. Each year we would bring out our two Advent books, and I would go online or check out the PWDRF calendars to see what activities they recommended.

We would have my niece and nephews over for tobogganing or skating so my sister could shop in peace. Sometimes we would do crafts or make gingerbread houses. I still have some of the Christmas tree ornaments that we made.

I usually wait for December 1st to decorate but this year I will pull them out early. My son is 22 now and in his last year at University, and I don’t live near my family to have fun with their children. But we need the Christmas spirit to come early this year, so my husband and I will start new Christmas traditions. Who knows maybe he will join me for a song or two while we decorate?

How do you spend the weeks before Christmas?

2 thoughts on “6 weeks of Festivities or Panic?”

  1. I’m decorating Dec 1
    Tree goes up when Holly gets home, and we sing as we put the 12 days of Christmas on the tree! Love those traditions!


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