Advent Guest: Su Mcleod

The story of Advent is a story we have heard and have told many times. It is also one of the most important stories that we have to share. It is one of anticipation, waiting, opportunity, gifts and lives changed. In a time when we see so much hostility and protectionism in the world, it is important to ground ourselves back in this origin story. Though the story remains consistent and solid, how we live it, celebrate it and anticipate the birth of Christ is different year to year, person to person.

One thing that stays the same is that we all have a part in this story. Lives are being changed in our families and our communities by telling this story and sharing gifts through hospitality, meal programs, Christmas hampers and in an abundance of other ways.

Sometimes we miss that, as things become routine and expected in the way of “well we always do that” rather than the expectant anticipation of the story being revealed to us anew with fresh ears.

At PWRDF we seek to engage others by sharing the stories of our partners and how we are living out the Advent promise of hope, love, joy, and peace so all might live in a truly just, healthy and peaceful world.

This new resource is a reminder to us that Advent Lives … and is changing lives, today, through the voice of animals and partner stories.

We invite you into this journey with us.