Blessings, Snow, and Family

Well, Old Man Winter reared his head and pulled a fast one on us! So much for our early spring that I posted about last week. The problem with it snowing over here is that most communities/cities/towns don’t have snow removal equipment! So we are officially on our 2nd snow day.

How do you spend your snow days? I write or read by the fireplace!

Last week I said you might not hear from me if I didn’t make it out of my husband’s office and that I was going to talk about self-reflection and growing. Well, I made it out of his office, but I’m not going to talk about self-reflection and growing because I have some exciting news to share.

On Sunday our first snowstorm hit, and we were out of town for church. My husband was guest preaching at a friend’s church. We met his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. I was excited to meet the girls because they’ve read my first two devotional books and the eldest daughter was reading Timothy’s adventures.

Linnea, who is 6, was wonderful enough to colour me two pictures to bring home. One picture was of puppies from Timothy’s Adventures, and one was the Lamb of God. We were sitting beside a stained glass window of the Lamb of God and every time we said the phrase during the service she would pop up and point at the window!

It was a blessing and honour for us to show our support to this friend on his last Sunday at his parish. As of Monday, he is on his way to prepare for being a chaplain in the Royal Canadian Air Force! May his family be blessed abundantly for his courage, love, and dedication to God and his country.

I’m also excited because my sister, brother-in-law and my mother are coming out to visit! My sister and brother-in-law will be here the first week in March, and my beautiful mom will be here for the month! And on Saturday I get to pick my handsome son up; he’ll be home for spring break! I love talking about writing with him. We’ve toyed with the idea of co-authoring a devotional book. We will see what the future holds.

Quick update on my new book: I’m pushing myself to get as much writing done as possible in the next few weeks due to my family visiting in March.

After having two side characters hijack my plot, I’ve spent several months replotting and doing in-depth character profiles, with the help of my wonderful mentor Kate. I’m excited to say that as of this moment, my new word count is 12927. I am excited to hear what my handsome son thinks of the new storyline