Update and Funny Story

Despite being on the road for three days for my son’s graduation, I managed to get some research done on agents and how to write query letters. I even managed to get a draft done that I can work with!I will be working on my synopsis this coming week in and around helping my son pack to move across the country. At first, I approached writing my synopsis as a dreaded task, but then a brilliant writer in the writing community on Twitter pointed out that it would help me write my back cover blurb!What a great way to put a positive spin on such a daunting task.Funny story:On the way home from the grad, we were sitting on the top deck of the ferry reading, when a young BC ferry worker came over to invite us to watch a marine presentation that she would be hosting in five minutes.As we slowly pulled our noses out of our books, she laughed and said, “oh you’re reading books, that’s even better.”I think the poor girl was shocked that we weren’t on our phones.When you’re killing time on the ferry or waiting for appointments, how do you spend your time? When I’m alone I write, when I’m with my son, we usually play crib.