A snippet from Kaylee’s Adventures

On the way home, Kaylee stopped to smell some beautiful lilies and giggled as she watched two little birds trying to sneak up on a little boy who was feeding them. Kaylee smiled with delight. “Oh Nan, doesn’t Jesus tell a story about birds and lilies?”

“You’re right, Kaylee, he does. He shows us how beautiful the lilies are clothed and how the birds are always fed and looked after. Neither worries because they know God loves them and will look after them. Jesus tells us to remember that worrying isn’t going to add any more time to our lives. Actually, it usually takes up valuable time and sleep.” Nanny winked at Kaylee. “You know, Kaylee, when I take my eyes off of Jesus, that’s when I start to worry, and just like Saint Peter, I let my worries overwhelm me and I sink!”

Kaylee was puzzled for a moment. “Oh, I know that story, too: Peter was walking on the water.”

“Yes, and he did fine when his eyes were on Jesus, but when he worried and looked around at the waves, he started to sink.”

They walked along lost in thought for a few minutes.

Before long Kaylee spoke up. “Nanny, could you tell me a youth group story?” Kaylee loved to hear stories from when her nanny taught a youth group.

“Ah, I think I know the perfect one! I had three very loving but very silly teenagers named Holly, Jasmin, and Max. Two of them were scared of the dark, so one late, very late night, we sang a song about God being so big that he was even bigger and smarter and stronger than …”

Kaylee squealed, “The bogeyman!”

From my family to yours, we would like to wish you a joyous Easter! May you carry the Easter Treasure all year in your hearts and share the light and love of Christ with all that you meet!
Many Blessings,
Kaylee’s Easter Treasure
Kaylee’s Adventures

A snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

Kaylee moved the last two treasures closer to her. “This looks like the stuff Mommy used from the first aid kit when you hurt yourself cleaning up from the big storm.”

Nanny smiled at Kaylee, “What do you think the white cloth would be for, Kaylee?”

“Oh, Nan, that’s what they used to wrap the people in after they died,” Kaylee answered, “and this stone is to remind us that the tomb was opened!”

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A snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

Kaylee and Daddy went straight to the basement and started sorting through old boxes. Nanny would soon be on her way to pick up the old youth group things that she needed. Kaylee loved hearing stories from Daddy and Nanny about their youth group.

“Daddy, it’s a maze down here!” Kaylee giggled as she watched him shift more boxes out of the way.

Daddy looked around, laughed, and said, “You’re right, Kaylee; it’s a maze of boxes.”

Kaylee weaved her way through all the boxes, stopping to peek inside some on the way. “Oh, neat! That’s interesting, Daddy. What is it?” Kaylee asked, pointing at something in a box.

Daddy came over to where Kaylee was standing. He smiled as he bent down to see what Kaylee was pointing at. “Wow, Kaylee, you found the box I’ve been looking for. Thank you! Let’s see what treasures lie within, shall we?”

a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure


Kaylee and Sir Thomas were up early. Kaylee was excited about church because today was a very special day. After making her bed, Sir Thomas helped Kaylee pick out a dress to wear. “Which do you like—the pink one or the blue one?” Kaylee asked as Sir Thomas played with the ribbons on the blue dress.

He paused, peeked up at Kaylee, and then sat down. He looked both dresses over, hid under the pink one, peered up at Kaylee, and meowed. Kaylee giggled, “Silly kitty! I think you’re right. The blue one will be perfect for the celebration.”

While Kaylee dressed, she told Sir Thomas all about the special day. “Today is the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and all the people rejoice. Even the children sang and waved palm branches to celebrate.”

Sir Thomas tilted his little black head. “Meow?” he asked curiously.

a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

group hug

Kaylee watched as Daddy slowly lifted the little paper box with the heart on it out of the special bentwood box. Just as Kaylee was reaching up to take it, a voice from behind made them both jump, “There you two are! I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Kaylee spun around and jumped into her nanny’s arms, “Nanny, you’re here early!”

Nanny, Daddy, and Kaylee shared a big group hug. Then it was time for business talk. Nanny asked, “Kaylee, would you please go upstairs and get me a drink? It was a long, hot drive. I will help your daddy clean up all these boxes.”

a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:


Kaylee slowly looked over the treasures on the table. She picked up a small twig with a leaf on it. Sir Thomas tried to catch it as she lifted it up. Kaylee playfully tickled him on the nose. Sir Thomas purred and rubbed up against her hand. Kaylee thought hard, “Nanny, I know this is a twig, but why is it in the Easter treasure box? Where is it in the Easter story?”

a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

As Kaylee carefully put the little tuft of donkey fur in the box, Sir Thomas was reaching and pawing at some coins. Kaylee gently picked up the coins. They felt cold to her touch. She ran her fingers over the coins as she thought. Sir Thomas looked up at her and bumped her hand with his little head. “Meow?” he asked. “I think you’re right; are these the coins the priests paid to Judas, Daddy?”

“Very good, Kaylee!” Daddy and Nanny smiled at each other as Kaylee placed the coins back in the box.

“This is a tiny cup, Daddy,” Kaylee giggled, “but is it for the Last Supper? It was a special dinner, wasn’t it