a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

Kaylee weaved her way through all the boxes, stopping to peek inside some on the way. “Oh, neat! That’s interesting, Daddy. What is it?” Kaylee asked, pointing at something in a box.

Daddy came over to where Kaylee was standing. He smiled as he bent down to see what Kaylee was pointing at. “Wow, Kaylee, you found the box I’ve been looking for. Thank you! Let’s see what treasures lie within, shall we?”

Kaylee giggled; she liked it when Daddy got silly. But she was curious—really curious about the one treasure. Kaylee looked up at her daddy lost in thought. He reached inside the box and lifted up the treasure Kaylee had pointed to and slowly sat down. Kaylee moved over and sat beside him. She waited patiently for him to explain what the treasure was.

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A delightful story to read out loud to your children about little Kaylee’s Easter Treasure. Join Kaylee, Sir Thomas, her daddy, and her nanny as they explore their Easter treasure. The devotional discussion section provides an opportunity for the entire family to once again explore while making their own Easter treasure box with tangible objects and hearing the scripture story or sharing the story with others.

Press Release for Kaylee’s Adventures

New read-out-loud book guides families through Bible study

Devotionals, study questions punctuate short chapters in ‘Kaylee’s Adventures’

ALERT BAY, British Columbia – Inspired by author Tanya Packer’s son at 8 years old, “Kaylee’s Adventures” (published by WestBow Press) is a delightful story designed to be read out-loud to children and generate meaningful discussion for the entire family.

Kaylee is a little girl who loves her life in the city. When her family moves to the country, she meets new human and animal friends and recalls Bible stories along the way, like the story of Caleb and the spies and Noah’s Ark.

Packer mixes education with fun by incorporating devotionals and study questions at the end of each short chapter. She offers guidance to parents in directing conversation with their children, and she highlights applicable Bible verses for conjoined reading and study.

“The book helps young people make the connection between the Bible and their lives,” Packer says. “There is no greater joy than watching young people apply their biblical knowledge to their lives and prayerfully seek guidance. I also firmly believe in making intergenerational connections – this builds a stronger family and community and the book is written to both encourage and foster this belief.”

“Kaylee’s Adventures”

By Tanya Packer

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781490864730

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781490864723

E-Book | 108 pages | ISBN 9781490864716

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comments from those who have read the book

comments from those who have read the book: “I like how God protects Kaylee from bad dreams. Kaylee is brave.”
—Benjamin Couglar, five years old

“Kaylee is a wonderful little girl, whom it is easy to fall in love with. We can all see parts of ourselves in this caring and curious little girl. It was a delight to share and read this story with my son at bedtime. He asked to read it again when we finished!”

—Dr. Leanne Ford

“A delightful story to read out loud to your children. Each chapter generated meaningful discussion for the entire family and captured our attention from beginning to end.” —Rachel Behling

“I liked the kitty in the story. It was fun to listen to my mom read each chapter every morning.” —Bronte Behling, eight years old

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