Nadira’s Storykeeper characters play the “Would you rather” game


“Hey while Anne, Elsa, and Leigha get us some snacks lets play a ‘would you rather’ game.” Aaron said as he rubbed his hands together. “You go first Mari!”

“Okay, would you rather face an angry fairy dragon or fairy?” She asked as she traced Blossom’s vine that Leigha had expertly braided through her hair.

“That’s a good one!” Aaron laughed. “I’m going to have to say fairy dragon! Although I doubt all fairies are as hot tempered as Blossom, I’m not going to take any chances.”

“I sure hope they aren’t!” Mari said and cringed recalling her first meeting with Blossom.

“I’d rather not find out whose temper is worse.” Agamya said and turned to Thomas. “Would you rather fly on a dragon or griffon?”

“Well, since I already flew on a dragon, I’ll say a griffon.” Thomas said with a smirk. “Would you rather fight a kelpie or gnawer?”

“Ugh, no fair you two!” Mari said, “you guys had all the fun.”

Agamya and Thomas looked at each other, shook their heads and said in unison, “Fun, yeah that’s it.”

“What do you think, Silas?” Mari said ignoring the other two.

Silas shrugged, “Depends. A kelpie is easier if you know ahead of time and if you have the right tools with you.” He paused. “We don’t yet know anything about a gnawer. Other than what we saw, so it’s hard to tell.”

“Excellent point Silas,” Agamya said with a nod. “We need to find out from Anne’s father as much as we can about those things.”

Silas nodded and looked at Auriel, who sat studying her hands. “Okay, would you rather fight a fallen one here or in Nadira?”

“Good question.” Everyone said.

“I wonder how powerful they are here?” Agamya ran her hand through her hair. “Judging by the glowing of the carrion crow tattoo and the incident with the crow earlier …”

“Well, that question is going to have to wait because we have more pressing questions!” Anne laughed and said, “soup or salad?”

Leigha chimed in, “tea or juice?”

“Fruits or veggies?” Elsa said and giggled.

Anne smiled at her circle of friends as they settled in around the coffee table enjoying their snack. The rhythmic motion of Aaron playing the side of the coffee table like a piano caught Anne’s eye. His eyes danced when he noticed Anne watching him.

“Hey, do you prefer your father’s stories or his songs, Anne?” He asked.

To be continued …

Group character blog:


“Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say, Leigha.” Elsa clasped her hands. “I’m Elsa.” A snicker interrupter her. “What?” She asked as she cast a nervous look at Leigha and whispered, “What did I say wrong?”

“Thomas, let her share.” Anne said.

Agamya elbowed Thomas and gave one of her looks that always made him cringe.

Elsa unclasped her hands and re-clasped them, took a deep breath and tried again. “I live with my parents and three older brothers.” She scanned the room, everyone was nodding and smiling so she continued. “Actually, all my cousins are boys too.” She smiled and unclasped her hands.

“Who came on the tour with you, Elsa?” Anne said with an encouraging smile.

“Oh, that was Wyatt, my brother.” Elsa’s eyes lit up, “I’m closest with him. He makes sure I’m included in everything. Especially when they go camping.”

“That’s so cool!” Aaron chimed in. “What’s your favourite thing to do when you go camping?”

“Oh gosh, they’ve taught me to do archery, canoeing, skiing, rock climbing and bouldering, and last winter they taught me winter survival skills!” Elsa paused and played with her hands.

Thomas glanced around, shrugged, and said, “Okay, that leaves you two.” He looked at Silas and Auriel.

Anne glanced at Elsa, smiled, and mouthed, “you did great.” Before Thomas said anything else, Anne turned to Silas and Auriel, “would either of you like to share something?”

Auriel scowled at Thomas then Anne, “no.” She said and dropped her head.

“I live with my six brothers.” Silas shrugged and continued, “I kind of get lost in the middle.” He paused and looked at Aaron, “I love visiting my grandparents in the country, just to get away from it all.”

“Hey, I get that!” Aaron said and laughed.

“So, are we done our dumb sharing time, Anne?” Thomas asked.

“Oh, we’re just beginning Thomas!” Anne said and winked at the others.

Character blog: Mari


Hello everyone,

My name is Marigold, but all my friends call me Mari.

Mom, dad, and my older sister are all famous models. You probably recognize me from my recent ads.

I’m expected to continue my mom and sister’s traditions which include being on the honour roll at the all girls boarding school.

For extra curricular activities, I compete in dance, gymnastics, and swimming, and win gold.

Enough about me, Leigha, why don’t you share next?

Character blog: Agamya


Hi Everyone,

My name is Agamya, Uh-g-uh-my-ah, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed that the 9 of us are 12.

So, the Storykeeper asked us to share a bit about ourselves. Well, I live with my moms, who are both distinguished scientists, as are most of my aunts.

I get to go with them when they have field work to do. As you can imagine, this means I have traveled extensively and seen many exotic places. It’s quite fascinating learning about so many beautiful places.

School is rather easy for me because I have a photographic and eidetic memory.

When I’m not at school, I enjoy researching topics that I don’t know anything about. I’ve won a ton of science, chemistry, and engineering awards and I helped my teacher organize this years summer camps.

Thomas is shaking his head at me and the others are pretending to be asleep, so I guess I should let someone else have a turn.

Disclaimer: Many of my inspiration pictures depict white characters. However, please note that Agamya is a person/elf of colour, with honey almond skin, brown eyes, and long, shimmering black hair.

DisclaimerSome images do not have the artist’s signature on them. If you know who the artist is please let me know so that I may give them credit!


I’m using last year’s picture because we all have #covid hair!

From my family to yours, we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone.

Please be covid safe so no one is missing from your gatherings in the new year!

Much love

#christmas #christmastime #happyholidays #covidchristmas

Character blog: Aaron


Hi everyone,

I think this is a great idea! I’m Aaron and I’m 12 too.

I come from a huge family. I’m the only one who is obsessed with music, though. My brothers tease me about it all the time, but they’re just jealous.

My music teachers say I’m a child prodigy, but I just eat, sleep, and live music. I often dream about it too. Yeah, I know it’s weird. My brothers tell me that all the time.

I did a project on a musician who was also a child prodigy. You might have heard of him, Mozart.

My music teacher taught me a neat trick. If I’m struggling to learn something in my geography, history, or English class, I make a song about it! It works, you should try it.

I can’t wait for you to join us on our adventures.

Disclaimer: Many of my inspiration pictures depict white characters. However, please note that Aaron is a person/elf of colour, with golden brown skin, brown eyes, and black wavy hair.

DisclaimerSome images do not have the artist’s signature on them. If you know who the artist is please let me know so that I may give them credit!

Character blog: Thomas


So yeah, Anne told me it was my turn to say something.

I’m Thomas. I’m 12. I go to a private, all boys school now that I live with my parents. I lived with my gran before. She was killed in an accident four years ago.

My dad’s a hot shot lawyer and my mom’s an engineer who’s always working. My brother is some kind of neurosurgeon or something. So yeah, he’s never around either.

Guess they weren’t planning on me interrupting their perfect lives.

I’ve won so many medals for track and field that I now help train others. It’s about time some of the others had a chance. I needed a new challenge so I also took up different martial arts.

So yeah, not sure what else to say.   Check out what the others have to say.

DisclaimerSome images do not have the artist’s signature on them. If you know who the artist is please let me know so that I may give them credit!

The 3rd image of the white dragon with the boy is by Paolo Barbieri.

Character blog: Anne


Hi everyone,

I’m Anne.

The Storykeeper thought it would be fun to share a bit about ourselves without ruining the story.

So yeah, I’m Anne and I’m 12. I live with my amazing and talented father. Oh, and Mina, my stepmother.

My favorite colour is purple. Father tells me it was my mom’s favorite colour too. He says I look just like her.

Schools okay, I don’t have many friends, okay I didn’t have friends my own age until now! Before, I always hung out with the younger kids. They liked to hear my stories and songs.

Father, teaches me the most amazing stories and songs. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Disclaimer: Some images do not have the artist’s signature on them. If you know who the artist is please let me know so that I may give them credit!

Coming soon: meet the characters


Writing blog posts took a back seat during covid, especially with the move and getting a rescue/reclaimed dog. I’m excited to announce that I’m currently querying my middle grade fantasy and can’t wait to share details with you.

While I wait to find the perfect agent for my book I thought I would start and introduce you to some of my characters.

Each week I will have a character share something about themselves with you. Don’t worry I’ll be sure they don’t share any spoilers!

Theo, helping me with #writing book 2.
My #writingbuddies watching urban deer out my office window.
Bane and Felix watching deer out the backyard.
Bane looking all handsome after being brushed!

Sharing my pitches…


Today I am venturing out of my comfort zone and will be pitching my middle grade fantasy on Twitter in hopes of catching the eye of an agent.

Here’s my first pitch! Let me know what you think.

My second #pitmad pitch for my #mg #fantasy is live!