New School Year


As the new school year approaches and you start your preparation plans I would like to introduce you to my books: Kaylee’s Adventures and Timothy’s Adventures

Each of the short chapters, provide a question section that may be used to generate positive interactions with both the chapter and the scripture verses that are referenced.

For the older grades, these questions may be used for comprehension, collation, and introducing writing concepts.

No prep time is needed and each chapter and discussion can be completed within the 45 to 60 minute class time!Karmen, Scarlett and Claire


Timothy’s Adventures sample of discussion time


Chapter 10 Parent/child discussion time questions

Fruit Salad

The beauty of unity and diversity:

God created the body to function in harmony. Each part has a job to do, and there can’t be division in the body, or it doesn’t work. When one part of our body hurts, all of the other parts know it, and they feel it. No one part is more important than another part; all are needed and cared for. God tells us to care for one another as Jesus has cared for each one of us.

Each person is a unique child of God, created with love and cared for so much that God has blessed everyone with special gifts, unique to them, to use in celebrating God’s glorious body, the people of God.

Why were the little puppies barking and pulling at the park?

What did Timothy and Reid do when they saw the bullies?

How did the bullies respond?

What did Naila say to Timothy and Reid?

What did Sara say to Naila?

Why was Naila confused by Sara’s comment?

What did Sara wish?

Who did Naila remind Nanny of?

What did Maria’s grandmother say to Naila?

Why did they have fruit salad?

What made the fruit salad special?

What did Timothy remember about his daddy?

Read together 1 Corinthians 12:12–27. If time permits, you may also want to read Psalm 139:1–18, Jeremiah 29:11–14, Galatians 6:4, and Ephesians 2:10.

chapter 10

A snippet from Timothy’s Adventures


chapter 13

“Hi, everyone. Look who we bumped into at the park!” Tyrone announced as they walked into the backyard.

“Sara! You made it.” Maria was glad to see her friend. Everyone was so happy when they saw Sara.

Teddy was so excited to see the friends who just arrived that he started running around them. He was weaving in and out and all around when all of a sudden there was an excited little “woof-woof” from the back door. Teddy skidded to a stop. His eyes lit up, and he spun in circles. Then he ran up to Angus, licked his nose, bounced back, turned in another circle, and took off with Angus close behind him. The two puppies were running all over the backyard; first it was Angus chasing Teddy and then Teddy chasing Angus.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything, there was a loud thump and two little yelps. The two puppies had collided head on in the middle of the yard. They both sat there shaking their heads, confused.

Benjamin and Reid walked over, picked up the two puppies, and rubbed their little heads. “Silly Teddy!” Benjamin whispered in the puppy’s ear.

Maria looked at her nonna. “Is now a good time to give them their surprises?” she asked. “I’m so glad you are here, Sara! Would you like to give Angus his present?”

The boys put Teddy and Angus back down on the grass, and the two girls gave the puppies the new stuffed animals they had made for them. Nonna gave Melissa hers, and Melissa gave Nonna a gentle kiss. Teddy and Angus had fun tossing their stuffed animals in the air and then running to catch them before they hit the ground.

Sara and Maria watched how happy the puppies were. Maria looked at Sara and smiled. “I know you are sad about what happened, but I am really happy you are here with all of us.”chapter 13

Campfire fun with Kaylee


This summer join Kaylee, Nanny and Uncle Fred around the campfire to discover what spider hot dogs are!

Excerpt from chapter 12:
Kaylee and Nanny spent the entire morning exploring in the gardens. Kaylee was shocked at all the things Mommy and Daddy missed! After lunch Kaylee and Nanny went over to Uncle Fred’s farm to explore. Kaylee couldn’t believe all the things there were to see and do. Before she knew it, it was time for dinner. Kaylee remembered Ms. Maya saying they used to have campfires at her house or in the back of Uncle Fred’s farm. “Oh, Nanny and Uncle Fred, can we please have a campfire tonight? It would be so much fun! Maybe Mommy and Daddy will relax and join us too!” Nanny and Uncle Fred thought it would be a wonderful idea. Uncle Fred said he’d bring the wood if Kaylee and Nanny brought the marshmallows and the spider hot dogs. On the way back home, Kaylee asked, “Nanny, what are spider hot dogs?”


A snippet from Timothy’s Adventures


Chapter 2

Shyly Benjamin added, “At school, it’s easier to stay in a big group or avoid them, but it’s hard when we have to walk past their house on the way to church. Often they are walking to church at the same time.”

Paul thought for a few minutes. “Can you think of any Bible stories that might help us?”

Timothy looked at Benjamin and then at Paul, and answered almost to himself, “David and Goliath?”

Paul smiled. “Well, that is definitely a situation where a godly man deals with a big bully. What example does he give us that might help?”

Timothy’s eyes got big as he looked in shock from Paul to Benjamin and back at Paul. “You want me to take a slingshot to school?”

Paul chuckled. “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea, do you?” Timothy and Benjamin shook their heads no. “But there is something David did every time he had to face bullies. Can you think of what it was? Actually, there are five things he did!”

Timothy and Benjamin thought hard. “Hmm.” Timothy looked at Benjamin, who shook his head and slowly shrugged his shoulders. Timothy tilted his head, scratched his curly brown hair, and said, “Hmm, we know the story, but all I remember is the slingshot.”

Paul grinned, reached over to the shelf, and pulled out a Bible storybook. He flipped through it till he came to the story of David and Goliath. As Paul read the story, Timothy and Benjamin listened closely and shared with Paul all the different ways David dealt with the big bully, Goliath.

After Paul finished reading the story, he put the book back on the shelf. Timothy smiled at Benjamin. “Whew, I was scared at first. Mom wouldn’t have been happy about a slingshot. Talking to people like a teacher or Mom for advice and praying are what Daddy and Poppa would have wanted!” Benjamin nodded his head as he played with his cross.chapter 2

Who would’ve thought…


Here I am again with no writing update this week. This time I have a great excuse because we adopted two rescue kittens and they’re more work than I remembered! Either that or I am old.Everyone I would like you to meet Theo and Felix, two brothers from a high kill centre where they are overflowing with kittens, making their life expectancy a month after intake.Who would’ve thought that having a 2lbs and 3lbs kitten running around the house would be so disruptive?They’ve adjusted to us faster than we have them. I can’t leave the room without them crying and running around looking for me. If I ignore them when they want my attention, they will climb up me and snake around my neck. When I try to write or read the lay on the book or chew the pen. Typing this is interesting, because one is chasing my fingers while the other one is chasing the curser and letters across the screen.In an effort to save my sanity, for the rest of July, I will repost some excerpts from my devotional books, and with any luck, I will have a writing update on my fantasy book come August! I hope you enjoy the excerpts from my devotional books, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

I’m excited!


I’m bubbling over with excitement, and no it’s not because my husband is on holidays.

Don’t get me wrong I love summer holidays, but my husband is an extreme introvert who prefers staycations, where I’m an ambivert (introverted extrovert) who loves to travel and experience everything. We live in a big world with so much to see and do, and I want to see it all. My husband goes from point A to B with no stops in between, where I go A, c, e, d, b!

So what has me so excited then?

I have two reasons! One, we are adopting two kittens this week, (pictures to come) and on July 9th, I find out if we’re getting puppies! My breeder’s dam will have her ultrasound on the 9th, and I can hardly wait! You may remember that in December we lost our beautiful Akita Tala and then in January we lost our handsome cat, Socrates. The house has been so cold and empty without our furbabies.

In the meantime, I am grateful to have my writing to keep me occupied and grounded. Looking around, I realized that the house isn’t kitty and puppy proof, I also so I have tons of work to do. I have my query and synopsis to work on. I’ve sent them to my mentor for critiquing, so now I wait on pins and needles. Seriously though, I love editing and seeing my work develop by leaps and bounds and working with my mentor Kate has improved and sharpened my writing.

Hopefully I will hear from her this week about my finished WIP, yikes! In the meantime, I will jump back into writing my new WIP, which is good because I left the children sitting on the floor, stunned after an attack. Oops!