Kaylee’s Adventures

“I like how God protects Kaylee from bad dreams. Kaylee is brave.”
~Benjamin Couglar- age 5

“Kaylee is a wonderful little girl, whom it is easy to fall in love with. We can all see parts of ourselves in this caring and curious little girl. It was a delight to share and read this story with my son at bedtime. He asked to read it again when we finished!”
~Dr. Leanne Ford

“I liked the kitty in the story. It was fun to listen to my mom read each chapter every morning.” ~Bronte Behling, eight years old

“A delightful story to read out loud to your children. Each chapter generated meaningful discussion for the entire family and captured our attention from beginning to end.” ~Rachel Behling

“Tanya Packer has the wonderful gift of being able to see the world through the eyes of a child. In her books she shares it to open the mystery of the Christian faith in a delightful way for parents and young children alike.

Through Kaylee and her cuddly kitten Sir Thomas, Tanya’s stories turn daily routines and experiences into discovery opportunities where faith can be understood, developed and enjoyed.

Reading time with Kaylee’s adventures is a treat that will lift up the hearts of both readers and listeners while Tanya’s pastoral training also provides discussion time suggestions that are fun and memorable.” ~Gregg R. Elliott Author of New Life in the Boarding House

Comments from those who have read the book:

“Tanya Packer, Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom through these books, Theo thoroughly enjoyed listening to them. I particularly enjoyed the reflective questions at the end of each chapter it opened up the opportunity to have some great conversations, Thank you.” ~Su McLeod


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