Kaylee’s Easter Treasure

“Tanya Packer’s gift of explaining the sometimes complex details of the Christian faith to a child comes to light again in Kaylee’s Easter Treasure.

While celebrating Palm Sunday, Kaylee helps her father search through old boxes tucked away in the basement. Curiosity mounts when she discovers a wooden box that looks like it might hold a special treasure.

Kaylee and Sir Thomas, her cuddly kitten, coax her father into opening the little box. She recognizes most of the everyday items he removes and as he does he tells her how it reminds them of that very first Easter.

These simple objects and her father’s story help her to understand and remember the treasure of the sacrifice Jesus made for us all.”                                                                            —Gregg R. Elliott Author of New Life in the Boarding House


“This is a good book. It teaches about what happened to Jesus, his sacrifice for us, and how it happened at Easter time.”—Claire Willie, age 9

“Tanya Packer has weaved a wonderful story around the Easter mystery. Creatively introducing the reader to many symbols that help teach the story of Jesus’ sacrifice. A lesson set in the narrative of a modern family that is a joy for everyone to share regardless of their faith journey. I enjoyed sharing this story with my own family.”          — Rev. Mr. Trevor Klein


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