Nadira’s Storykeeper

When a multicoloured tornado sucks Anne, Thomas, and a group of kids on tour of the Museum for Ancient Civilizations into an obsolete ancient book and dumps them into a magical realm, Anne knows she’s in for an adventure she didn’t plan for.

Anne knew her twelfth birthday was a special one, but she wasn’t ready to come face to face with her true identity, while battling inner doubts and strange creatures.

Thomas was just trying to get out of doing his mother’s list of stupid chores on his birthday. He’d always dreamed of being a hero, but dreams didn’t come true, and besides, his parents always told him that his gran’s stories were just delusional childhood fantasies.

Anne and Thomas soon realize that the key to the groups’ survival and safe return rests on Anne remembering her father’s old clan stories and songs.

What people have said about my book:

Nadira’s Storykeeper is a bright, energetic fantasy that is representative of a highly diverse society.

My middle-grade beta readers were delighted to see themselves represented in my quirky cast of characters. 

This is a delightful story and the worldbuilding is clearly expansive. 

The actual worldbuilding is super imaginative and inventive and I also really, really like the theme of overcoming self-doubt.

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