Goodbye and Hello

Since my characters are still running amok on me, I’m going to procrastinate by writing my blog post. Perhaps by turning my back on them, they will decide to play nice. For two days my word count remains at 28, 091.

My son and I had a lovely visit while he was home. We sat and read together, we played some games, and we went for some walks around the neighbourhood. There is nothing I value more than quality time together, even if we are only sitting side-by-side reading. The house is always so quiet after he leaves, not because he’s noisy but because his presence is gone. I go through empty nest syndrome all over again.

Does being an empty nester ever get easier? My mother enjoys it, or so she says.

This week I’m preparing for my sister and her husband to come for a visit! I am beyond excited. I’ve lived in BC for 10 years, and my sister has been out once. My brother in law has never been to BC. My prayers have consisted of nice weather for them, safe flights, and good connections.

My brother in law is in a wheelchair now and travelling isn’t easy for them anymore. It has opened my eyes and made me appreciate my life and health. I suffer from autoimmune diseases, which makes travelling a pain, but it’s nothing to what my sister and brother in law have to deal with. From booking hotels (there was only 1 in Victoria), checking my house to make sure his wheelchair can get through doorways (they can’t), and making sure he can get into my car, he says he can! I pray he can…

Needless to say, I will have limited writing time next week to write. There might be a few down times where I can sneak in a few hundred words if my characters decide to cooperate! I’m hoping that this reconnecting time will spur on my writing. The time away from social media in and of its self will be good for me.

Bring on the sunshine!