My heart is full…

Wow, We are 11 days into Lent. Did you enjoy your pancakes? Did you make it to an Ash Wednesday service? I missed Ash Wednesday this year. My mom was sick on the couch after her flight on the 5th of March.

My sister and brother-in-law arrived on the 2nd of March after managing two stressful flights, both airports failed them in many ways. In my last blog, I mentioned the fun I was having trying to book wheelchair accessible hotels and how worried I was about my brother-in-law being able to get into and out of my car. I am happy to say that he managed my car great. My little Rav4 fit his wheelchair and our entire luggage, with only minor tetras manoeuvres. All in all my brother-in-law’s experience, once he got here in BC, was good. Travelling with someone in a wheelchair has opened my eyes. If you get the chance sometime spend a day travelling with someone in a wheelchair. You will view the world differently.

My heart is full! I loved my time with my sister and brother-in-law, but I have missed my characters and writing time.

That must sound weird to anyone who doesn’t write, but my book is a part of my heart and soul, it is my baby, and I miss it. Right now as I type this, my mom is reading my unfinished first draft. I’m nervous. She doesn’t read fantasy, so this is all new to her.

Letting someone read an unfinished first draft is always dangerous. I wonder how many writers allow anyone to read their first drafts? I am happy to say that after the first 10 chapters she was enjoying it, and we chatted about some of the characters. Who she loves, who irritates her, and who confused her (fantasy characters like my Ent). She loved the magical elements and can understand why kids love fantasy books. My heart is overflowing. I know I have work to do, but the fact that my mom, who doesn’t read fantasy, loves what I have written has given me the energy to keep going!

Mom is here for a month so I will have two guest blogs for you this month. I’m excited to introduce you to an author Greg and to have Nicole return to do a blog post!

WIP word count: 30674, chapter 24

How are you spending your Lent? Are you taking something on or giving something up?

Are you following any of the calendar activities? If so which ones are you doing?