What a crazy month!

I loved having my mom here for a month; I only wish that she could’ve stayed longer with us. She is such a beautiful, loving soul and so much fun to have around. I am fortunate that my mom is my biggest cheerleader!

Every day she encouraged me to write, and after I’d written, she would ask me what horrible things I did to her favourite characters. Which always made me laugh. She has a new appreciation for authors now!

I love that my Mom has become a voracious reader since retirement! She read 3.5 books while here, and if you count my WIP, it makes it four books! It was distracting but hysterical listening to her giggle away at her one book, but it was equally cute watching her stress out, chewing off her fingernail while reading her James Patterson novel. I now know where my son and I got our habit of snuggling under the blankets with a flashlight to read! I caught her reading one night well into the night. Lol

If you’re looking for a good fantasy to read check out Academia Draconia or The Damsel and the Dragon by Mae McKinnon, I loved them. I read one in March (it took me five days), and I read the other one in 2 days! (Be sure to support your Indie authors both by buying their books and doing a review.)

Does anyone else struggle to get back into a healthy writing schedule and routine after being off?

I have a new writing buddy that is encouraging me to get the last three chapters written. I picked him up while on a driving tour with my mom and son! What a great weekend the three of us had. Nothing special, our goal was to make memories. We toured out to the breathtaking resort community of Tofino, BC.

As of today, my word count is 32, 737. I’m still on chapter 25, the word count of 1021. So close to writing those coveted words!