Did you survive Easter Weekend?

Holy Week and Easter can be exhausting for families due to the commitments and running around for different family dinners and celebrations. I do hope that you managed to find some peace and quiet time to reflect during all the busyness.

The news about the terrorist attacks Easter morning was shocking and devasting, to say the least. This kind of news always makes me step back and hold my loved ones closer.

In and amongst all the Holy Week services and high emotions, I moved my son home from university. Being the fantastic team that we are, we cancelled the moving truck and managed to make the move in two trips. My poor little Rav4 handled the bulk of his stuff (it’s surprising the amount of things you can accumulate in five years of university), and the second trip we moved his desk and twin bed in my husband’s car.

Being old school, I still managed to get several chapters edited using pen and paper. The ferry line up and crossing provided several hours each way to do edits. Now all I have to type them all up.

With these edits done it brings me to the halfway mark with my first round of edits on my MG fantasy work in progress.