May already?

New Book update:
I am celebrating the completion of round one of my edits for my middle-grade fantasy book. I love how it has improved and can’t wait to receive feedback from my beta reader and my mentor Kate! With round one finished and while I wait to hear back from them, it’s time to get my outline drafted for a new project. I have so many ideas churning around for the next book that I’m finding it hard to sleep at night.
Did you know that quality picture books are harder to write than you imagined?
Current work in progress update:
I am working on different ideas and drafts for a picture book. I’ve loved rereading all my son’s old picture books to see what I like and don’t like. I even made a special trip to Walmart and Chapters to read some new picture books, it’s essential to see what parents are reading to their children and what children want.
I am happy to say that I only came home with two books to add to my to be read pile on each trip! How is that for discipline? I do justify my reading habit by saying I have to keep up with the current trends in books.
Looking ahead on the calendar May is shaping up to be a fun-filled month with tons of new activities. I have a one day retreat, a new psalter prayer group, and a Bible study that I’m leading at my husband’s church. We also have a three-day long work conference to attend out of town. My schedule and routine are going to need some tweaking, but it will be worth it.
What plans do you have for May?