Loving writing

I’m excited to share that I have finished round three of my edits on my middle-grade fantasy novel and draft three of my outline for my new book.
There are some considerable advantages to writing a book series, the biggest one being that I only have a few character profiles that I need to work on before I can jump back into working on round four of my outline.
I want to share a secret! I’ve loved working on my edits, especially this last round where I read my book to my son. It helped me fix some things that I had missed and allowed my son to offer some insight for improvements!
Gavin, my son, is exploring his desires and dreams of writing a book as well, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to guide him through the process. He has draft one done of an outline and is working on his character profiles as I type this up.
We’ve enjoyed sitting outside the past few days bouncing ideas off each other as we work on outline drafts. I wasn’t sure how I would handle having a writing buddy around all day, given that I’ve worked at home by myself for 5 years.
Next week when I’m away at my conference be sure to pop in and read my son’s first guest blog post!