Procrastinating on a long weekend

Today I procrastinated writing this blog post by writing a letter to the Canadian political leaders, however now I’m procrastinating finishing said letter by writing this blog post.
I’d forgotten how eerily quiet and empty the house is now when I’m at home alone. My husband and son went to see the Avengers End Game this afternoon. I chose to stay at home to get some chores and work done. It also gave them some much needed male bonding time together, that, and if I’m honest, it’s not my kind of movie.
After I finish this blog, I should get some work done on chapter 3 of my new WIP or do some housework, but I have five books calling my name. The weather here is damp and cold, which is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and read away this long weekend Monday!
Typically Saturdays are my day for getting all the housework and yard work done, but this past Saturday, I led a Discovering God through creativity and stories retreat day. It was a blessing to have a great group once again, and I look forward to planning our next retreat day. Retreat days are rejuvenating for participants but exhausting for the leader, and I crashed hard when I got home Saturday afternoon leaving the housework for today.
Sunday I couldn’t wait to get home after coffee hour to relax outside with my son and write! The weather was perfect sunny with a gentle breeze. I love that my son is plotting, planning, and working on his character profiles. He is being dedicated and working the process, which can be half the battle some times!

I’m curious how did you guys spend your long weekend?