Emotional week

My mind was an emotional roller coaster this past week. I came home from church on the 26th to the news that my Aunt passed away without any warnings.

I struggled with flying to Ontario to be with my mom or flying to the Northern Interior to be with my cousins. As it was, I stayed put and tried to support everyone the best I can from here. It’s times like this when I regret living in this big beautiful country of ours.

My son and I set aside one day to sort and purge our old camping equipment and outside toys. Although it was cathartic in many ways, it was also a trip down memory lane for me. My son and I did a ton of camping (including winter camping) when he was younger. My heart wanted to be in the bush with him camping and having a campfire, but my health won’t allow it anymore.

Early one morning, I did force myself to sit down and work on some editing that I wanted to do on chapters one and two of my new work in progress, only to have my old laptop act up. By grace alone, I managed to get it working again without losing anything or waking anyone who was still sleeping! After that nightmare, I did take a few extra precautions so that if it happened again, I wouldn’t freak out quite so bad! I think it’s time to invest in a new laptop and Scrivener.

On a positive note, while doing my edits, it sparked some changes for my finished novel, which is good since I’m still sitting here on pins and needles waiting to hear back from beta readers. I am really excited for my mentor to read my book! I can’t wait to work with her, I want my writing to be the best I can make it.

I declared Saturday a reading day because I needed a self-care day, but Sunday I was back at the writing/editing whilst sitting outside.

Do any of you write outside? I ask because I am hoping I’m not the only one with a writer burn!

Here’s hoping my burn fades fast so that I can wear normal clothes for my son’s graduation ceremony!