I’m excited!

I’m bubbling over with excitement, and no it’s not because my husband is on holidays.

Don’t get me wrong I love summer holidays, but my husband is an extreme introvert who prefers staycations, where I’m an ambivert (introverted extrovert) who loves to travel and experience everything. We live in a big world with so much to see and do, and I want to see it all. My husband goes from point A to B with no stops in between, where I go A, c, e, d, b!

So what has me so excited then?

I have two reasons! One, we are adopting two kittens this week, (pictures to come) and on July 9th, I find out if we’re getting puppies! My breeder’s dam will have her ultrasound on the 9th, and I can hardly wait! You may remember that in December we lost our beautiful Akita Tala and then in January we lost our handsome cat, Socrates. The house has been so cold and empty without our furbabies.

In the meantime, I am grateful to have my writing to keep me occupied and grounded. Looking around, I realized that the house isn’t kitty and puppy proof, I also so I have tons of work to do. I have my query and synopsis to work on. I’ve sent them to my mentor for critiquing, so now I wait on pins and needles. Seriously though, I love editing and seeing my work develop by leaps and bounds and working with my mentor Kate has improved and sharpened my writing.

Hopefully I will hear from her this week about my finished WIP, yikes! In the meantime, I will jump back into writing my new WIP, which is good because I left the children sitting on the floor, stunned after an attack. Oops!