Guest blog: Jane Jennings

Hi, I’m Jane and I love to write poetry!

I have just published a book of my poems that are a combination of memoir, adventure and faith.

I hope you enjoy this poem, which looks to a more spiritual way of seeing the world. To put it into context, my husband and I set out to sail from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico, a distance of about 850 nautical miles, in our sailboat, Sereno, when many of our systems failed. However, we found that the universe did hold us up, as we were given the ability and energy to make temporary fixes until we reached our landfall and we arrived safely in Mayeguez, Puerto Rico.

Moving On

Quietly gazing at this beautiful world

Glimpses of the Creator

Wake us,

Take us,

Challenge us to experience

More than we can ask or imagine.

Can we hold loosely our hard earned security?

The house, car, boat, perhaps a cabin too

Our comforts,

Our sorrows,

Our planned tomorrows

For a life uncertain, unknown.

Are we brave enough to find the faith

To trust the universe will hold us

Enfold us

Shelter us

Awake us to live

Present, part of God’s creation.

I hope you enjoyed this poem from my book ‘A life in Poetry’. It is available from Amazon books in Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe.

Thanks for reading,

Jane Jennings.