Special request blog from 8 year old Theo

This month Theo is turning 8,
to mark this he is asking people to support him in supporting the Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention Program.

Theo thinks this is important to show other young people that there is hope and that they are loved.

If you are able please consider supporting this vital work.
Thank you. -There are a couple of ways to give
1. Gift #25 in the PWRDF World of Gifts.

2. Or through The PWRDF Give Today page, in the comments box you can name that your donation is for the Indigenous youth suicide prevention program.

The Suicide Prevention Program responds to the tragedy of suicide, especially as it affects Indigenous youth.

Suicide rates in First Nations communities are twice the Canadian average.

First Nations youth have a suicide rate five to seven times higher than that of the national average.

Suicide rates among Inuit youth are 11 times the Canadian average.

Health professionals are referring to this situation as a “pandemic.” More than 10 people commit suicide each day in Canada.

Youth suicide has tripled in Canada over the last 40 years. Indigenous youth are particularly at risk.

Canada is one of the few G8 countries not to have a national suicide prevention strategy.

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