New Year New Goals

We’re officially 5 days into January 2020 and I’m breaking my social media hiatus to share my goals and an update on my writing.

New Year’s eve was amazing. I kissed 2019 goodbye by writing 12 picture books and welcomed 2020 by writing and editing a picture book I’m going to query!

Although, I’m not one to set resolutions, I do set goals and personal challenges.

This year my writing goals are:

query my middle grade fantasy, query two of my picture books, write book 2 for my middle grade fantasy.

My ministry goals depend on where we are living, but I would love to offer more retreats, and classes.

For my personal goals, I will continue my healing journey by being gentler with myself when I have set backs. I know that Cptsd takes time to heal from. My little snuggle buddies are a blessing, they rescued and I give thanks for them every day.

Everyone keeps asking me what my reading goals are this year, so this year I’m trying something different. My goal is to read books that breathe life into me!