Sorry — Not Sorry

I wish I could say that I am sorry for not keeping up on my weekly blog posts, but I’m not sorry. Things are crazy, and sometimes we just need to step back and do our self care!

Even before the pandemic, I recognized the signs of burnout and stepped back to do some much-needed self-care.

During the pandemic many of my creative friends are finding it hard to be creative and that’s okay. On days when I struggle, I do a workshop! There are some great ones online right now.

The SCBWI has a great series right now that you can register to join live or find them in the archives later. I prefer the archived ones because it allows me the freedom to do them when my schedule permits. So far my favourite was the one with Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler! 

On the book front, I am loving my new developmental editor. He actually writes middle grade fantasy and reads it. So he is helping me take my good book and making it great. My mentorship year taught me how to write a good book, and I learned so much from my mentors, but it is making a world of difference working with someone that loves fantasy and loves the premise and characters like I do!

I also make sure to spend lots of times with these two little monkeys! They think they’re great editors, but they’re better at telling me when I need a break.

I hope you are finding time to do your self care and that you are giving yourself grace for the days you aren’t feeling like being creative. 

Can’t see me, mom!