Character blog: Thomas

So yeah, Anne told me it was my turn to say something.

I’m Thomas. I’m 12. I go to a private, all boys school now that I live with my parents. I lived with my gran before. She was killed in an accident four years ago.

My dad’s a hot shot lawyer and my mom’s an engineer who’s always working. My brother is some kind of neurosurgeon or something. So yeah, he’s never around either.

Guess they weren’t planning on me interrupting their perfect lives.

I’ve won so many medals for track and field that I now help train others. It’s about time some of the others had a chance. I needed a new challenge so I also took up different martial arts.

So yeah, not sure what else to say.   Check out what the others have to say.

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The 3rd image of the white dragon with the boy is by Paolo Barbieri.