Group character blog:

“Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say, Leigha.” Elsa clasped her hands. “I’m Elsa.” A snicker interrupter her. “What?” She asked as she cast a nervous look at Leigha and whispered, “What did I say wrong?”

“Thomas, let her share.” Anne said.

Agamya elbowed Thomas and gave one of her looks that always made him cringe.

Elsa unclasped her hands and re-clasped them, took a deep breath and tried again. “I live with my parents and three older brothers.” She scanned the room, everyone was nodding and smiling so she continued. “Actually, all my cousins are boys too.” She smiled and unclasped her hands.

“Who came on the tour with you, Elsa?” Anne said with an encouraging smile.

“Oh, that was Wyatt, my brother.” Elsa’s eyes lit up, “I’m closest with him. He makes sure I’m included in everything. Especially when they go camping.”

“That’s so cool!” Aaron chimed in. “What’s your favourite thing to do when you go camping?”

“Oh gosh, they’ve taught me to do archery, canoeing, skiing, rock climbing and bouldering, and last winter they taught me winter survival skills!” Elsa paused and played with her hands.

Thomas glanced around, shrugged, and said, “Okay, that leaves you two.” He looked at Silas and Auriel.

Anne glanced at Elsa, smiled, and mouthed, “you did great.” Before Thomas said anything else, Anne turned to Silas and Auriel, “would either of you like to share something?”

Auriel scowled at Thomas then Anne, “no.” She said and dropped her head.

“I live with my six brothers.” Silas shrugged and continued, “I kind of get lost in the middle.” He paused and looked at Aaron, “I love visiting my grandparents in the country, just to get away from it all.”

“Hey, I get that!” Aaron said and laughed.

“So, are we done our dumb sharing time, Anne?” Thomas asked.

“Oh, we’re just beginning Thomas!” Anne said and winked at the others.