Nadira’s Storykeeper characters play the “Would you rather” game

“Hey while Anne, Elsa, and Leigha get us some snacks lets play a ‘would you rather’ game.” Aaron said as he rubbed his hands together. “You go first Mari!”

“Okay, would you rather face an angry fairy dragon or fairy?” She asked as she traced Blossom’s vine that Leigha had expertly braided through her hair.

“That’s a good one!” Aaron laughed. “I’m going to have to say fairy dragon! Although I doubt all fairies are as hot tempered as Blossom, I’m not going to take any chances.”

“I sure hope they aren’t!” Mari said and cringed recalling her first meeting with Blossom.

“I’d rather not find out whose temper is worse.” Agamya said and turned to Thomas. “Would you rather fly on a dragon or griffon?”

“Well, since I already flew on a dragon, I’ll say a griffon.” Thomas said with a smirk. “Would you rather fight a kelpie or gnawer?”

“Ugh, no fair you two!” Mari said, “you guys had all the fun.”

Agamya and Thomas looked at each other, shook their heads and said in unison, “Fun, yeah that’s it.”

“What do you think, Silas?” Mari said ignoring the other two.

Silas shrugged, “Depends. A kelpie is easier if you know ahead of time and if you have the right tools with you.” He paused. “We don’t yet know anything about a gnawer. Other than what we saw, so it’s hard to tell.”

“Excellent point Silas,” Agamya said with a nod. “We need to find out from Anne’s father as much as we can about those things.”

Silas nodded and looked at Auriel, who sat studying her hands. “Okay, would you rather fight a fallen one here or in Nadira?”

“Good question.” Everyone said.

“I wonder how powerful they are here?” Agamya ran her hand through her hair. “Judging by the glowing of the carrion crow tattoo and the incident with the crow earlier …”

“Well, that question is going to have to wait because we have more pressing questions!” Anne laughed and said, “soup or salad?”

Leigha chimed in, “tea or juice?”

“Fruits or veggies?” Elsa said and giggled.

Anne smiled at her circle of friends as they settled in around the coffee table enjoying their snack. The rhythmic motion of Aaron playing the side of the coffee table like a piano caught Anne’s eye. His eyes danced when he noticed Anne watching him.

“Hey, do you prefer your father’s stories or his songs, Anne?” He asked.

To be continued …