5 days on the road

My husband had a special meeting to go to back on Vancouver Island and invited me to travel with him, so we’ve been on the road since Wednesday. I normally love visiting Victoria and was particularly excited this time since moving to the mainland last July. One of my favorite restaurants is in Victoria and I was looking forward to eating their fish and chips. Unfortunately, they were closed. If you are ever in Victoria be sure to check out Fisherman’s Wharf and get Fish and chips from the Fish Store, you’ll be glad you did!

Normally, I get a ton of writing done while we are on the road, especially when we stay at the Inn at Laurel Point. However, I spent most of the time with my c-ptsd highly saturated which made it hard to focus. Things I thought I had processed came to the surface anew, requiring tlc. This isn’t a bad thing, actually I consider it a good thing, because as much as it hurt, it allowed me to continue working on my healing journey. I did manage an off and on all day Facebook chat with a lovely dear friend of mine on Friday and on Saturday two dear friends came to have a socially distanced visit with me and walked me to meet up with my husband when his meeting was done.

Bane also had a lovely, covid safe, quick visit with Julie so she could see how well her baby is doing since being rehomed. He enjoyed the city and I got some great training done with him. Covid made his first city visit more manageable and easier to navigate because the streets were just busy enough but not too crowded. We only ran into one person who was rude when I asked him to leash up his dog. (Which the park he was in is posted all dogs must be on a leash.) Please remember that service dogs provide valuable and often life saving services to the people they are with.

So far today, I’ve shoveled two driveways, snuggled with a very needy kitty, brushed Bane, done laundry, and sent out two queries. Here’s hoping I can get some actual writing done this afternoon!