I have decided that querying is my dark muse~ it sucks the life out of me!

It’s very frustrating to have to say oops another week has come and gone and I haven’t written a word for book 2 of my middle grade book. For that matter I haven’t even looked at my picture books. What I have done is read a book that an agent said was one of her favourites and even though I have 5 books on the go I started reading Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. I missed a workshop I was registered for, but was able to catch the recorded version before they archived it. In some ways I prefer the recorded workshops because it allows me to rewind and listen to things again. Oh, and I registered for a writing course in March.

In other news Bane is rocking his training and I am so excited for today’s training session with Nikki. I am so proud of how far this dog has come in such a short time. He now climbs up on the grooming table by himself and with little to no coaching and I am finally able to clip his toenails holding his paws! This is huge! When we first got Bane he freaked out when ever I picked up the brush or toenail clipper. It took forever to desensitize him by building his trust that I wouldn’t hurt him.

As you can see there is tons going on, but no real writing. I have however toyed with a short story for one of my side characters. Gavin and I have talked about her back story and I love the idea of writing her story one day. Perhaps, a short is what I need to jump back in.