Count down is on

I’m excited to share that I signed up for the writing course: One Scene a Day with Dawn McClure. I think it’s the perfect birthday present. Aside from that news, not much is going on because I took yet another weekend off and did nothing but train Bane and read. I didn’t even query on the weekend! I currently have sent out 134 queries with 75 rejections and 3 full manuscripts out.

My three furbabies are finally getting more comfortable with each other and all three end up on the grooming table at once! Not a great thing as both Bane and I get stressed about him stepping on them. The kittens actually come running when they hear me move the table. Bane on the other hand gives me the stink eye.

I have my office back together and look forward to working in it again. Ever since the snow flew my office moved to the kitchen table so Bane could sit outside on nice days. My hope is that I will finally be able to work from my office downstairs now that the snow is melting!