Character names, meanings, and pronunciation.

A name’s meaning can often give deeper clues into my characters. Often names mean different things depending on the country of origin. This is also true for the pronunciation. *This post doesn’t have spoilers, and some meanings will come in another post.

Anne: Anne is spelled with an ‘e’ to honour my favourite childhood character, Anne of Green Gables. There’s no other hidden meaning other than being a nod to the character I grew up with.

Elletta: Anne’s father calls her my Elletta. In the book, we’re told it means my little elf. Elletta is pronounced ell-e-tta.

Atarah: While in the cave, Saoirse calls Anne Atarah. This word is Hebrew and is pronounced Aet-ah-rah.

Enoch: Also a Hebrew word which is pronounced EE-nock.

Mina: Pronounced Mee-nuh.

Daesyn: We’re given the pronunciation in the book, which is DAY-sin

Agamya: A Hindu name that is pronounced Uh-g-uh-m-y-ah.

Ayana: Pronounced Eye-yawn-a

Shiyoni: Pronounced Shy-o-knee

Lacuna: Lacuna is pronounced La-coo-na, and is an adaptation from the Latin La-kyoo-na

Inara: Pronounced Inn-Arr-ah

Imrie: Imrie is Hungarian and is pronounced imm-Ree.

Saoirse: Saoirse is an Irish name and is pronounced Sure-sa or Shur-sa.

Kronos: Kronos is an old Greek name that is pronounced Kroh-nohs.

Kyrell: An Irish name that is pronounced Key-rell.

Thayer: Pronounced like “they’re”.

Nathair: Narhair is Scottish Gaelic, but my Anglocized pronunciation is Nay-ther.

Killian: Pronounced Kil-lian.

Maksim: Pronounced Mak-sim.

Torryn Declan: An Irish name that is pronounced Tore-in DECK-lan

Kauis Akel: Pronounced Kai-us Ah-kuh-Eh-Luh (Ah-kel)

Valda: Valda is an Old Norse or Germanic name and is pronounced Val-da.

Master Alejo: A Spanish name pronounced A-lay-ho.

Lady Avianna: Pronounced a-vee-ah-na or ahv-ee-ah-na.

Blyana: Blyana is pronounced Blay-a-nah.

Iclyn: Pronounced Ice-lyn.

Character sketch of Agamya