Week 1 of bootcamp

What a great feeling to be back to writing!

The goal is to write one scene Monday to Thursday and edit on Fridays. Leaving the weekends for family and playing. Well, that’s in a perfect world and my world is anything but perfect!

I didn’t do too bad. Monday I edited what I wrote before the pandemic lockdown. Tuesday and Wednesday I started to write but had to stop both days because I got to scenes that triggered me. Thursday I struggled with what I originally planned and went back to the drawing board. So this weekend I focused on pushing through and managed to get chapter 2 finished.

So, I’m starting this week technically behind but full of excitement because I’m pumped to be back with my beloved characters!

Although, I don’t think they like me right now!

My writing buddy today!

Bootcamp at 50?!

All I asked for for my birthday was a writing course bootcamp! And I am so glad that I did. It was just the kick start I needed to jump back into writing book 2.

Being back in my own office is definitely helping too. There is something to be said for having your own space to be creative. I love my office, even though it is just a corner in the living room downstairs. I have my bookshelves around me and the items that I draw creativity from near at hand to stare at during mental blocks. I have beautiful windows to look out, where the urban deer will come up to the picture window doors and look in. My furbabies join me. Life is good!

Life is good … yes even during Covid life is good. Not perfect, but I definitely can’t complain.

I’ve finally turned 50! lol Yes, you read that right. I said finally because for the past 3 years I’ve told people I was 50. So what should’ve been a big birthday is actually very anticlimactic for me, which is just as well because Covid is stopping any kind of party! lol Originally, my sister and I had planned on taking a weekend trip to a celiac certified resort to celebrate our 50ths together, maybe we will try for our 60th?

The fun thing about doing a bootcamp is that it doesn’t care if you’re 50 or in your own office. All that matters is that you get your word counts in. So on that note wish me luck!

Time for a break mom!
Look mom! I’m a good boy aren’t I?
I love having my inspiration beside my desk!
Can I help mom?

Count down is on

I’m excited to share that I signed up for the writing course: One Scene a Day with Dawn McClure. I think it’s the perfect birthday present. Aside from that news, not much is going on because I took yet another weekend off and did nothing but train Bane and read. I didn’t even query on the weekend! I currently have sent out 134 queries with 75 rejections and 3 full manuscripts out.

My three furbabies are finally getting more comfortable with each other and all three end up on the grooming table at once! Not a great thing as both Bane and I get stressed about him stepping on them. The kittens actually come running when they hear me move the table. Bane on the other hand gives me the stink eye.

I have my office back together and look forward to working in it again. Ever since the snow flew my office moved to the kitchen table so Bane could sit outside on nice days. My hope is that I will finally be able to work from my office downstairs now that the snow is melting!


I have decided that querying is my dark muse~ it sucks the life out of me!

It’s very frustrating to have to say oops another week has come and gone and I haven’t written a word for book 2 of my middle grade book. For that matter I haven’t even looked at my picture books. What I have done is read a book that an agent said was one of her favourites and even though I have 5 books on the go I started reading Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. I missed a workshop I was registered for, but was able to catch the recorded version before they archived it. In some ways I prefer the recorded workshops because it allows me to rewind and listen to things again. Oh, and I registered for a writing course in March.

In other news Bane is rocking his training and I am so excited for today’s training session with Nikki. I am so proud of how far this dog has come in such a short time. He now climbs up on the grooming table by himself and with little to no coaching and I am finally able to clip his toenails holding his paws! This is huge! When we first got Bane he freaked out when ever I picked up the brush or toenail clipper. It took forever to desensitize him by building his trust that I wouldn’t hurt him.

As you can see there is tons going on, but no real writing. I have however toyed with a short story for one of my side characters. Gavin and I have talked about her back story and I love the idea of writing her story one day. Perhaps, a short is what I need to jump back in.

5 days on the road

My husband had a special meeting to go to back on Vancouver Island and invited me to travel with him, so we’ve been on the road since Wednesday. I normally love visiting Victoria and was particularly excited this time since moving to the mainland last July. One of my favorite restaurants is in Victoria and I was looking forward to eating their fish and chips. Unfortunately, they were closed. If you are ever in Victoria be sure to check out Fisherman’s Wharf and get Fish and chips from the Fish Store, you’ll be glad you did!

Normally, I get a ton of writing done while we are on the road, especially when we stay at the Inn at Laurel Point. However, I spent most of the time with my c-ptsd highly saturated which made it hard to focus. Things I thought I had processed came to the surface anew, requiring tlc. This isn’t a bad thing, actually I consider it a good thing, because as much as it hurt, it allowed me to continue working on my healing journey. I did manage an off and on all day Facebook chat with a lovely dear friend of mine on Friday and on Saturday two dear friends came to have a socially distanced visit with me and walked me to meet up with my husband when his meeting was done.

Bane also had a lovely, covid safe, quick visit with Julie so she could see how well her baby is doing since being rehomed. He enjoyed the city and I got some great training done with him. Covid made his first city visit more manageable and easier to navigate because the streets were just busy enough but not too crowded. We only ran into one person who was rude when I asked him to leash up his dog. (Which the park he was in is posted all dogs must be on a leash.) Please remember that service dogs provide valuable and often life saving services to the people they are with.

So far today, I’ve shoveled two driveways, snuggled with a very needy kitty, brushed Bane, done laundry, and sent out two queries. Here’s hoping I can get some actual writing done this afternoon!

Update and Accountability

Well, let’s see. My pile of picture book manuscripts are sitting on my desk downstairs untouched with a few partial sketches sitting beside them. My beautiful office sits gathering dust because Bane insists on me working upstairs so he can be on the outside back porch, so my home office is now on the dining room table. I bring him in the front door from his walk and he runs straight back to the back door! Silly boy. He is loving the snow and cold weather.

Book 2 for my middle grade fantasy is at 4305 words, and I’ve sent out 100 queries for Book 1 with only 37 rejections back so far. Last week there was a pitch party scheduled during the inauguration and, against my better judgement, I took part. To say it was very stressful is an understatement! I did however draft a few different pitches to play with (I included pictures below). Feel free to share your thoughts on which one is the best!

I’m also excited to share that Bane is rocking his service dog training. We had a couple of set backs due to people not knowing proper service dog etiquette. We’ve had several incidents of dogs being aggressive towards him, and one incident of a person charging at us – they charged after me in a store and managed to corner me, which triggered my cptsd. Poor Bane, still being in training, was very confused on how to get me out of the situation, but stood firmly between me and the man. I am thankful that my son was with us!

On another occasion, a man was walking a large dog on an extended leash and allowed it to aggressively come on our property after Bane. The other incidents were all dogs not on leashes. These set us back a bit but my Big Boy is right back on track. I am so proud of him!

Felix, our little grey cat, is actually getting along with Bane now! I’m so excited and it gives me hope for his brother Theo and Bane.

Nadira’s Storykeeper characters play the “Would you rather” game

“Hey while Anne, Elsa, and Leigha get us some snacks lets play a ‘would you rather’ game.” Aaron said as he rubbed his hands together. “You go first Mari!”

“Okay, would you rather face an angry fairy dragon or fairy?” She asked as she traced Blossom’s vine that Leigha had expertly braided through her hair.

“That’s a good one!” Aaron laughed. “I’m going to have to say fairy dragon! Although I doubt all fairies are as hot tempered as Blossom, I’m not going to take any chances.”

“I sure hope they aren’t!” Mari said and cringed recalling her first meeting with Blossom.

“I’d rather not find out whose temper is worse.” Agamya said and turned to Thomas. “Would you rather fly on a dragon or griffon?”

“Well, since I already flew on a dragon, I’ll say a griffon.” Thomas said with a smirk. “Would you rather fight a kelpie or gnawer?”

“Ugh, no fair you two!” Mari said, “you guys had all the fun.”

Agamya and Thomas looked at each other, shook their heads and said in unison, “Fun, yeah that’s it.”

“What do you think, Silas?” Mari said ignoring the other two.

Silas shrugged, “Depends. A kelpie is easier if you know ahead of time and if you have the right tools with you.” He paused. “We don’t yet know anything about a gnawer. Other than what we saw, so it’s hard to tell.”

“Excellent point Silas,” Agamya said with a nod. “We need to find out from Anne’s father as much as we can about those things.”

Silas nodded and looked at Auriel, who sat studying her hands. “Okay, would you rather fight a fallen one here or in Nadira?”

“Good question.” Everyone said.

“I wonder how powerful they are here?” Agamya ran her hand through her hair. “Judging by the glowing of the carrion crow tattoo and the incident with the crow earlier …”

“Well, that question is going to have to wait because we have more pressing questions!” Anne laughed and said, “soup or salad?”

Leigha chimed in, “tea or juice?”

“Fruits or veggies?” Elsa said and giggled.

Anne smiled at her circle of friends as they settled in around the coffee table enjoying their snack. The rhythmic motion of Aaron playing the side of the coffee table like a piano caught Anne’s eye. His eyes danced when he noticed Anne watching him.

“Hey, do you prefer your father’s stories or his songs, Anne?” He asked.

To be continued …

Group character blog:

“Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say, Leigha.” Elsa clasped her hands. “I’m Elsa.” A snicker interrupter her. “What?” She asked as she cast a nervous look at Leigha and whispered, “What did I say wrong?”

“Thomas, let her share.” Anne said.

Agamya elbowed Thomas and gave one of her looks that always made him cringe.

Elsa unclasped her hands and re-clasped them, took a deep breath and tried again. “I live with my parents and three older brothers.” She scanned the room, everyone was nodding and smiling so she continued. “Actually, all my cousins are boys too.” She smiled and unclasped her hands.

“Who came on the tour with you, Elsa?” Anne said with an encouraging smile.

“Oh, that was Wyatt, my brother.” Elsa’s eyes lit up, “I’m closest with him. He makes sure I’m included in everything. Especially when they go camping.”

“That’s so cool!” Aaron chimed in. “What’s your favourite thing to do when you go camping?”

“Oh gosh, they’ve taught me to do archery, canoeing, skiing, rock climbing and bouldering, and last winter they taught me winter survival skills!” Elsa paused and played with her hands.

Thomas glanced around, shrugged, and said, “Okay, that leaves you two.” He looked at Silas and Auriel.

Anne glanced at Elsa, smiled, and mouthed, “you did great.” Before Thomas said anything else, Anne turned to Silas and Auriel, “would either of you like to share something?”

Auriel scowled at Thomas then Anne, “no.” She said and dropped her head.

“I live with my six brothers.” Silas shrugged and continued, “I kind of get lost in the middle.” He paused and looked at Aaron, “I love visiting my grandparents in the country, just to get away from it all.”

“Hey, I get that!” Aaron said and laughed.

“So, are we done our dumb sharing time, Anne?” Thomas asked.

“Oh, we’re just beginning Thomas!” Anne said and winked at the others.

Character blog: Mari

Hello everyone,

My name is Marigold, but all my friends call me Mari.

Mom, dad, and my older sister are all famous models. You probably recognize me from my recent ads.

I’m expected to continue my mom and sister’s traditions which include being on the honour roll at the all girls boarding school.

For extra curricular activities, I compete in dance, gymnastics, and swimming, and win gold.

Enough about me, Leigha, why don’t you share next?

Character blog: Agamya

Hi Everyone,

My name is Agamya, Uh-g-uh-my-ah, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed that the 9 of us are 12.

So, the Storykeeper asked us to share a bit about ourselves. Well, I live with my moms, who are both distinguished scientists, as are most of my aunts.

I get to go with them when they have field work to do. As you can imagine, this means I have traveled extensively and seen many exotic places. It’s quite fascinating learning about so many beautiful places.

School is rather easy for me because I have a photographic and eidetic memory.

When I’m not at school, I enjoy researching topics that I don’t know anything about. I’ve won a ton of science, chemistry, and engineering awards and I helped my teacher organize this years summer camps.

Thomas is shaking his head at me and the others are pretending to be asleep, so I guess I should let someone else have a turn.

Disclaimer: Many of my inspiration pictures depict white characters. However, please note that Agamya is a person/elf of colour, with honey almond skin, brown eyes, and long, shimmering black hair.

DisclaimerSome images do not have the artist’s signature on them. If you know who the artist is please let me know so that I may give them credit!

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