a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

Soon Nanny and Daddy were sitting at the table enjoying a snack while they sorted through the stuff in the box that Nanny needed. Kaylee and Sir Thomas sat on the floor looking at the bentwood box and the paper box with the heart on it.

Sir Thomas sniffed at the boxes. Suddenly, he sneezed so hard that the little paper box moved, scaring him. He jumped so high that he bumped his head on Daddy’s chair. Kaylee picked up Sir Thomas, “Oh, that must’ve hurt; are you okay?” Sir Thomas meowed, nuzzled Kaylee, and then squirmed out of her arms. He pawed at the paper box, looked up at Daddy, and meowed again.

Kaylee looked up and asked Daddy, “Please, Daddy, even Sir Thomas is curious. Please, may we look inside your treasure box?”

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