a snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure


Kaylee and Sir Thomas were up early. Kaylee was excited about church because today was a very special day. After making her bed, Sir Thomas helped Kaylee pick out a dress to wear. “Which do you like—the pink one or the blue one?” Kaylee asked as Sir Thomas played with the ribbons on the blue dress.

He paused, peeked up at Kaylee, and then sat down. He looked both dresses over, hid under the pink one, peered up at Kaylee, and meowed. Kaylee giggled, “Silly kitty! I think you’re right. The blue one will be perfect for the celebration.”

While Kaylee dressed, she told Sir Thomas all about the special day. “Today is the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and all the people rejoice. Even the children sang and waved palm branches to celebrate.”

Sir Thomas tilted his little black head. “Meow?” he asked curiously.

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