A snippet from Kaylee’s Easter Treasure:

Kaylee and Daddy went straight to the basement and started sorting through old boxes. Nanny would soon be on her way to pick up the old youth group things that she needed. Kaylee loved hearing stories from Daddy and Nanny about their youth group.

“Daddy, it’s a maze down here!” Kaylee giggled as she watched him shift more boxes out of the way.

Daddy looked around, laughed, and said, “You’re right, Kaylee; it’s a maze of boxes.”

Kaylee weaved her way through all the boxes, stopping to peek inside some on the way. “Oh, neat! That’s interesting, Daddy. What is it?” Kaylee asked, pointing at something in a box.

Daddy came over to where Kaylee was standing. He smiled as he bent down to see what Kaylee was pointing at. “Wow, Kaylee, you found the box I’ve been looking for. Thank you! Let’s see what treasures lie within, shall we?”

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