Kaylee’s Adventures:

A snippet from Kaylee’s Adventures:

The day arrived to go visit Dr. Mike. Kaylee was ready and waiting in the kitchen when Mommy and Daddy got up. They did their exercises, taking turns leading, and then Kaylee fed the kitten while Mommy and Daddy got breakfast ready. Mommy led devotions after breakfast, and Daddy did morning prayers. When Daddy was done, Kaylee added her own special prayer. “Thank You, Lord, for helping Mommy and Daddy have patience and understanding and for them not getting frustrated with us when they were really tired. Thank You for Dr. Mike, who had the right medicine and taught me how to take care of your kitty. But most of all, thank you for making him all better. I promise to love him and care for him forever. Amen.”

Dr. Mike was happy to see them. He explained to Kaylee what he was doing and how the kitty was improving. They weighed him, listened to his heart, and looked into his eyes, ears, and mouth. Finally Dr. Mike nodded with approval. “Well, little Miss Kaylee, you’ve done a fine job! I’m surprised, but he’s going to be okay. So what did you name the little fellow?”

Kaylee smiled proudly. “I called him Sir Thomas!”

Mommy, Daddy, and Dr. Mike looked surprised. “Sir Thomas? Now where did that come from?” asked a curious Dr. Mike.

Kaylee giggled shyly. “Well, everyone doubted he’d live—that’s where Thomas comes from; and Sir comes from the fact that as soon as he started to feel better, he kept sneaking out of bed and would play in my hair when I was trying to sleep, and I would say, ‘Listen, Sir, you better behave!’”

Everyone laughed.

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