Meet the characters

Meet the original Sheba!
Excerpt from chapter 4 of Kaylee’s Adventures:

“Daddy, do you think everything is okay? Uncle Fred wasn’t in church this morning!” Kaylee was worried.

“Perhaps he went to the early service, Kaylee. Let’s go and see,” Daddy suggested positively. They walked down the long lane. Sheba, the old farm dog, happily raced out to greet them. She led the way back to the barn. Kaylee giggled at the way she would run ahead barking, stop, look at them, look at the barn, and then run back to them barking—and then she would do it all over again! Daddy looked at Sheba and then at Kaylee. “Do you think she wants us to follow her?” Daddy laughingly asked Kaylee. Then he reassured the old farm dog, “Sheba, it’s okay, girl. We’re coming!”

The big tractor barn door was open; Kaylee and Daddy could see two men talking just inside the door beside a pickup truck. “Oh there is Uncle Fred, but who is he talking to? They looked serious.” Kaylee asked as she grabbed Daddy’s hand tightly.April and May 2016 058

The character of Farmer Fred has the attributes of two men who had a great influence on my life. One was an elderly gentleman from church that took my son and I under his wing and the other is my grandfather.

The picture below is of Grandpa John. I loved going to visit his farm and have many fond memories of my time spent there.

April and May 2016 059

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