Excerpt from chapter 12:

Kaylee and Nanny sat in their favorite spot near the edge of the pond. Adam and Eve swam over to greet them. “Woo-hoo … woo-hoo!” they trumpeted. Kaylee and Nanny got caught up on all the news. Miss Lily sat on her lily pad watching and listening. Suddenly she blinked, snatched a fly that went buzzing by, and croaked. She looked at Kaylee, croaked again, and disappeared into the pond. She resurfaced and climbed onto a different lily. Kaylee giggled. “Wow, did you see that, Nan?”

Nanny’s eyes were big as she smiled and asked Kaylee, “Can you catch a fly like that frog? How about that swimming? Do you think you could swim like that?”

Kaylee shook her head. “No way, Nanny! Daddy says those are unique treasures just for frogs!”

Nanny smiled. “You know, Kaylee, going to school is kind of like treasure hunting!”

Kaylee turned and looked at Nanny with surprised curiosity. “What do you mean, Nan?”

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