Excerpt from chapter 14:

Today Mommy and Daddy chatted before lunch. They were concerned about storms that were moving into their area. Daddy suggested Mommy and Kaylee tornado check the house and make some preparations while Daddy tornado checked the church and office. Daddy also wanted to make a few calls to parishioners who were in the direct path of the tornadoes.

That night after dinner, Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylee met with a prayer group at the church. Mommy brought Kaylee home for bed after evening prayer. A storm was picking up strength and was heading their way. Kaylee and Sir Thomas were “camping” downstairs tonight to wait out the storm. In the middle of the night, a parishioner’s children were given refuge. Alexander and Rachel came and joined Kaylee camping. Their house had been hit by the tornado. Kaylee shared her blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals with them. Rachel was really scared and asked if she could sleep between Alexander and Kaylee. “It’s okay, Rachel; would you like to sleep with my Daddy’s guardian angel? His name is Gabriel. It always helped Daddy feel better when he was scared!” Kaylee handed Rachel Gabriel, and the three of them snuggled up close.

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