A snippet from Chapter 2

Shyly Benjamin added, “At school, it’s easier to stay in a big group or avoid them, but it’s hard when we have to walk past their house on the way to church. Often they are walking to church at the same time.”

Paul thought for a few minutes. “Can you think of any Bible stories that might help us?”

Timothy looked at Benjamin and then at Paul, and answered almost to himself, “David and Goliath?”

Paul smiled. “Well, that is definitely a situation where a godly man deals with a big bully. What example does he give us that might help?”

Timothy’s eyes got big as he looked in shock from Paul to Benjamin and back at Paul. “You want me to take a slingshot to school?”

Paul chuckled. “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea, do you?” Timothy and Benjamin shook their heads no. “But there is something David did every time he had to face bullies. Can you think of what it was? Actually, there are five things he did!”

Timothy and Benjamin thought hard. “Hmm.” Timothy looked at Benjamin, who shook his head and slowly shrugged his shoulders. Timothy tilted his head, scratched his curly brown hair, and said, “Hmm, we know the story, but all I remember is the slingshot.”

Paul grinned, reached over to the shelf, and pulled out a Bible storybook. He flipped through it till he came to the story of David and Goliath. As Paul read the story, Timothy and Benjamin listened closely and shared with Paul all the different ways David dealt with the big bully, Goliath.

After Paul finished reading the story, he put the book back on the shelf. Timothy smiled at Benjamin. “Whew, I was scared at first. Mom wouldn’t have been happy about a slingshot. Talking to people like a teacher or Mom for advice and praying are what Daddy and Poppa would have wanted!” Benjamin nodded his head as he played with his cross.chapter 2

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