Inspiration for Characters

The inspiration behind the characters in my books can come from anywhere and everywhere. I love people-watching and reading, but some of my characters have unique and special inspiration from my own family and friends, and those are the ones I’m going to share a bit about.

My first devotional, Kaylee’s Adventures, as I mentioned previously was written to help my son deal with some difficult situations. Given this fact, you would think that the main character would be a little boy, not a little girl. However, the daddy character is inspired by my son because this character is how I envisioned my son to be when he has children and how my son envisions me to be like when I am a nanny to his future children.

“Kaylee” is the little girl I miscarried, and many of her conversations with her daddy and her nanny are actual conversations that my son and I had. Kaylee’s cat “Sir Thomas”, was my son’s cat, Thomas O’Malley. He wasn’t lost in a dark corner in a barn like Sir Thomas, but we did find him all covered in oil under an old, abandoned car.

“Farmer Fred” is a mixture of my late grandpa John and a dear friend from church. The old farm dog was my grandfather’s old farm dog. Kaylee’s two friends who sleep over were my son’s best friend and his little sister who begged me to do a special chapter just for them. The chapter, “The Calm After The Storm” was birthed after a particularly destructive tornado ripped through our little community and surrounding areas.

My second devotional, Timothy’s Adventures was already outlined and had two chapter written when my cousin suggested changing the devotional to deal with bullying and racism: an inspired change that I am pleased with. Timothy, Benjamin, and Reed were inspired by my son and his two cousins. My son and nephews were close in age, and I loved having them around. The boys’ puppies are a combination of all the different dogs I’ve had over the years. However, Teddy and Melissa have a special place in my heart, given that they were my late father’s favorite dogs.

Which brings us to the characters in my work in progress book. The characters in it are all unique and special as I mentioned in my blog post on September 12th, 2018. The inspiration for this novel came from my desire to show people that things aren’t always what they first appear to be. This book continues to be an adventure to write, and if you dare to read it, you’ll be transported to magical lands and experience many adventures.

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